WiiWare World: Texas Hold'em Tournament review

A portion of the WiiWare World review of Texas Hold'em Tournament:

"It's no lie that video game conversions of popular poker card games are few and far between nowadays as online poker has become increasingly more popular and widely regarded. WiiWare developer Digital Leisure has decided to try its luck with an adaption of arguably the most popular variation of poker, Texas Hold'em, but how does the title fare when the cards are dealt?

As you'd probably expect, playing Texas Hold'em Tournament is a fairly simple affair, providing you know the rules of the poker game it's based on. Of course if you aren't familiar with the game, the developer has wisely included a tutorial to teach the general rules. Basically, the primary objective for players taking part in a game of Texas Hold'em is to achieve the top 'hand' – best cards out of the available seven in this case – out of all the players at the table. After one card has been dealt to each player, determining the 'dealer' (the person who distributes cards to other players), the first two cards are dealt accordingly which are only shown to the player they're given to. Following this deal, bets are made by each player with the option to 'raise' the bet to a higher amount, 'call', which means the player matches the current bet amount, or 'fold', which is said by the player when he/she wants to forfeit their hand. Next, a succession of five cards is shown to everyone; face-up on the table. The player with the best hand wins the round and the 'pot' – the collection of money gathered from bets – after all cards are dealt and shown. In a nutshell, that's Texas Hold'em poker."

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