GameSpot: GDC 2009: Section 8 Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "From what we saw of Section 8, the game does have promise, although it's looking a little rough at this stage. The game is only in pre-alpha, however, so there will naturally be much more improvements as the months pass. Keep it locked to GameSpot for more updates".

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GiantEnemyCrab3494d ago

Looks like Haze might have some competition!

This game looks like uninspired garbage and if your "bar" is Halo well welcome to 3 years ago.

With KZ2 the FPS bar has been raised up so high that games like this look so ridiculous; not to mention they will try and charge you the same price.

Being in Alpha or not there is nothing going to save this game from the junk pile unless they scrap it and start over.

Phantom_T3494d ago

Know why develops make FPS,knowing it isn't going to compete with the big ones.
I mean,who will serously buy this over Killzone 2,COD or anything else?
Aim for the heavens or GTFO.

Man_of_the_year3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

"I mean,who will serously buy this over Killzone 2,COD or anything else?"

- How about those that have finished those games and want to try out a new experience? Positive or Negative.....i mean people are still buying Resistance 1&2 as well as HAZE, why would FPS fans that own a 360 not buy this?

Oh and BTW. This game is not on the PS3.