Uncharted 2: HD screens from the GDC presentation.

Screens taken from a HD version of the leaked footage that came out of GDC 09. Enjoy.

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well_damn3490d ago

There Is No Competition raising The Bar Consistently Naughtydog

MURKERR3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

on uncharted,but for me uncharted 2 is the best looking console game to date after watchin the trailer..yep better looking than kz2, scary part is ND still have months to polish it even further


thereapersson3490d ago

That was the most poorly constructed sentence I have ever seen.

jkhan3490d ago

Yes in terms of facial and character animations, water etc. effects will look better than Killzone 2. But I doubt they will be able to out do Killzone 2 light effect. Plus you have to give credit to Killzone 2, with soo much stuff happening on screen and maintaining the visual fidelity, I doubt any game will be able to pull off the same feat anytime soon.

MURKERR3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

drake literally grabbed every object no matter the height or angle,ive never seen that before,that must have been extremely hard to program.

best animation ive ever seen

cmrbe3490d ago

have very different graphics style. KZ2 goes for more relistic graphics. Uncharted graphics no matter how great they are you can just tell they are not real as they are still cartoony like Gears. Its fair to compare Gears and uncharted but not KZ2 and U2.

jmd7493490d ago

the fluidity is just awe-inspiring, nathan moves so life like. the animation in uncharted's gameplay surpasses every game i've seen to date. the only game that comes close is killzone 2.
uncharted 2 can't come out soon enough. i'm really hoping that the rumoured coop gameplay is implemented.

DaTruth3489d ago

Did you see the animations when the bus explodes?! Incredible!! Reminded me of my first playthrough of Uncharted, looking around and saying WOW every ten steps.

beardpapa3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Just woke up, but I believe that site has new HD pictures (actual HD, not camera phone resolution) not from the video, and a 151 mb HD video someone linked to megaupload.

Sevir043489d ago

I disagree with you, there are many ways to approach realistic graphics, ND's approach was to do it with color, they didn't ahve to go all desaturated in look like KZ2 because they aren't throwing you into an all out dark war torn setting with bullets and grenades and smoke. They basically approached it from the standard way of showing the protagonist in a colorful yet realistic world. simply put. The game Looks amazing, It's on it's own level. there is nothing cartoony about it, just because it uses color doesn't make it cartoony.

likedamaster3489d ago

I'm going to be honest, it doesn't look cartoony as Uncharted 1 did, and it definitely has better shadows/lighting. Nice, good for NaughtyDog. I will most likely get this like Uncharted 1. Action games like these are well worth the purchase.

y0haN3489d ago

kws is right, Killzone 2 and Uncharted have no visible aliasing.. :)

cmrbe3489d ago

can you honestly say that when you look at Uncharted it looks like real life graphics similar to crysis?. KZ2 has similar graphics to crysis in that they look real as in real life.

Game like uncharted and Gears on the other hand although have great surface textures and all still looks like its from a comic book/cartoon. Its not a knock on Uncharted or gears graphics but all i am saying is that KZ2 and U2 have different type of graphics.

earwax3489d ago

Looks just as boring as the 1st one. I hope this one is 8 hrs long too! I just love spending $60 bucks on games that short and no multi player

Sarcasm3489d ago

I pity the fool Earwax

y0haN3488d ago

I don't think the phantoms know what "no aliasing" means.. it's a good thing.

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krackchap3490d ago

so awesome. and remember its from an old december build

fishd3490d ago

Hail to Naughty GOD baby!

Montreafart3489d ago

Man the graphics are so great and gameplay so much, that by just watching that, I want to turn on my PS3 and play Uncharted again.

Another Triple A confirmed and coming.

Bots are being destroyed left and right right now. Its absolutely sucks to be an xbot.

Let me tell you something people, the misery of the bots isnt going to end anytime soon. It has just BEGUN.

Salvadore3490d ago

Looks awesome, great job Naughty Dog.