Sony Buys Exclusives: PR labels it "Incentives"…

OXCGN Writes:

"When is an apple not an apple? Well apparently when Sony PR calls it an orange!

Every once and a while I have the pleasure of imagining a world where PR speak isn't taken as gospel by the pathetic "I got a hard on for hardware" types and used in their incoherent, blindingly illogical diatribes about why their "hard on for hardware" is bigger than the other guys."

gaminoz5536d ago

LOL...classic. Let's face it: All companies want is YOUR money and they will do whatever they can and call it something else to get it. MS 'buys' exclusives and Sony 'gives incentives' for content.

Wow what a surprise. But I bet many will say it isn't the same thing.

That's a great article in these times!!!

Godem5536d ago

agreed, they want money. full stop.

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CaseyRyback_CPO5536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )

I think theres some kodu news..
Maybe some Alan Wake theories on what the controls will be?
How about what may or may not be at e3?
What new PC/360 multiplatform "Exclusives" are in the works..?
Links to discount pricing on hdd's and wifi, or batteries...?

Just sayin, if a site is focused around the 360, and hardly covers any actual 360 news.. whats the point of getting your audience confused into thinking its going to be slanted to one side or another. You know 2 things will happen when you see oxcgn.com.... A sensationalist title, and the author/owner arguing in the comment section with people.

What exactly does the 360 community have to talk about these days specific to the console anyway? I mean the biggest news on most sites is multiplatform gaming news. Unless you offer a repair service, not certain why its focused on the 360 still..? I think you will avoid a ton of guff in the future since it does appear that the only stories that will heat up on N4G are sony related ones.

Seriously though, I think i saw somewhere that NXE is getting a new static background for an avatar to pose in front of.

This was the same site saying RacePro was going to be good?

XboxOZ3605536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )

Mate, I'm NOT having a go at you, just explaining why OXCGN does what it does:-

OXCGN supplies news about the gaming indusrty where it sees that it makes an impact on the industry, be it PC, PS3/SOny Wii/Nintendo. We'll do reviews and Impressions of PC, PS3 and Wii games as we are GAMERS, not biased fanbois.

It's why we have moved up the charts so well. We have many Sony fans coming to the site because of that, and many passing comments supporting our efforts to be that way.

Just because we chose to own 360's (many of us also own PC's and PS3' btw) does not mean we have to run a multiplatform site, or follow any one platform "exclusively"

If MS, Sony, Nintendo etc do something stupid, then we'll let gamers know . .

Parapraxis5536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )

"XBOX news , reviews and VIEWS" sure thing XboxOZ360.
You are simply reporting it like it is, no bias at all.

Your entire article was overflowing with tears, it was in the overall tone.
You truly are sore about this move by Sony.

Elven65536d ago

Well it was pretty obvious when they said "platform exclusive" but of course fanboys tend to skip over such things. Theirs nothing wrong with it though, you make a game and Sony has your back, you get money to fund your next project which can be on any platform of your choosing. Microsoft does something similar with XNA, the tools are free for 3-4 months (at the moment), C# is super easy to use, get a "development pass" and you get to keep 70% of what you make where as XBLA developers only keep 50%. Its not a word for word copy but still both companies are encouraging more people to explore game development which is always a good thing.

Imagine what this will do to console lifespan in terms of the community model. Companies are still making games for Atari systems which is no easy task, today when companies are making it easier and more efficient for hobbiest developers imagine how much life a system will have.

gaminoz5536d ago

Besides....isn't it a comparison between Sony's new approach and MS's approach? Isn't that relevant to Xbox? I've seen plenty of Sony sites comment on the exclusivity deals MS makes...

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morganfell5536d ago

This is the same OXCGN that was forced by Bioware to print a retraction. OXCGN's excuse? We were just printing what we read somewhere else.

But on the bigger note, Waaaaaaaaa! MS can spend 50 million on GTA IV DLC and that's okay?

Tough. Get used to it. Sony's moving in.

thats_just_prime5536d ago

so much for sony fanboys hold on to any hope of sony actual telling the truth about not paying for exclusives

caladbolg7775536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )

Add oxcgn.com to the list of sites never to bother reading again. If I want unbiased news, I'll get it from an unbiased website and not from butthurt 360 fannies looking to take a few jabs, nor PS3 snobs with something to prove.

@Disagrees: Looks like some people like getting their news from biased sources. No bother. Different strokes for different blokes.

Immortal Kaim5536d ago

Irrespective of who wrote the article, atleast we can all agree that both Sony and MS pay (in their own way) for exclusive content. I don't know why it is perceived as being a negative thing? One less thing for the fanboys to fight over maybe?

RememberThe3575536d ago

I can't remember when or where I read it, however. The person retracting the statement said that it wasn't Sony's practice to buy exclusives, but that they wouldn't completely rule it out. He said that they were more focused on first-party development, at that point.

Besides, this was about PSN games not full retail titles. It seems to me that those are two different realms of production cost.

Daver5536d ago


i agree with what you say

Microsoft Xbox 3605536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )

You guys can talk about all about this BS propaganda, in the end Sony is the winner with the most exclusives, which should be the only thing that matters anyway.

Sarcasm5536d ago

So Sony says "Incentive" and Microsoft "Buys"

Go ahead and pick on Sony's PR, disregarding the mass amount of stupid Microsoft PR talk for the past, oh I don't know, 3 years or so?

I cant wait to see next month's NPD reactions from Microsoft, so I know what's going on with the PS3 from it.

No FanS Land5536d ago

I don't think that next NPD flame party will show immediate changes, maybe in let's say may's NPD.

GUNS N SWORDS5536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )

ok so when ms buys exclusives they get labeled as bad people (that's what the $ stands for when people type M$, right) but when sony does it it's ok right?

Bnet3435536d ago

Last night, I was saying the same thing. It's ok for Sony to do it, but when it's Microsoft all of a sudden they suck. No reasoning behind it, fanboys here just want to feel good about what Sony's every move is. The fanboys here are big hypocrites. If you're going to trash "Micro$oft" for buying left and right, you better trash Sony for bribery.

Jake the Muss5536d ago (Edited 5536d ago )

Interesting article, XboxOZ360. However, I would like to point a couple of things out.

First, I would refrain from tarnishing all Sony fanboys with the same "idiot" brush; such is not helping your credibility. Many would consider themselves to be as educated and mature as those that write for your site, and are aware that you cover positive news for the PS3 community as well as the 360 (MGS4 etc.).

Having said that, CaseyRyback_CPO does have a point, even if he communicates it in a rather personal fashion. This article is written from someone who has a clear agenda, for the mandate of generating traffic. If you hide under the banner of "a unbiased community" site, then I would recommend you carefully select an opinion and provide arguments for and against it, as some of the comments in the Gamer Zone are fairly compelling. The title of "Sony Buys Exclusives!" is pure flamebait mate, and you know it.

Having said that, your comment that MS get slammed when they "buy" exclusives while Sony didn't is a fair comment. However, there IS a fundamental difference as to how Sony and MS conduct their business when pursuing exclusive agreements, and the individual ethics of each is in question, not the outcome.

Your article also mentioned that Sony paid for exclusive content for Mirrors Edge. Although I am aware that Sony had a "deal" for exclusive DLC, I have yet to read an article that stated Sony paid actual money for such. If there was, then I gladly retract my comment.

I frown on Sony's description of "providing incentives" - that is true PR spin, yes. But your article makes the implication that Sony is now exactly like MS - which it is not. Outcomes may be similar, but the process of achieving it is different. Phamtom_T, Unicron and Rhood022 all have some fair points worth reading.

Personally, I believe this may be quite encouraging for Indie developers in getting noticed and encourage more risk-taking for small players in the industry. No-one complains about exclusives (other than the other side), so it is the process of achieving said that people here question. At the end of the day, both are businesses; their directive is to provide value to their shareholders. Just something to ponder: who is worse, someone who offers a bribe, or someone who takes it up?

xabmol5536d ago

Some people just don't get it.

Lets put it this way.

Games + Sony = Games + Sony Games

Games + MS = Games

That about sums it up.

morganfell5535d ago (Edited 5535d ago )

HAHAHAHAHAHA thats just prime. You can hold on tight to the thought that Sony changed their policy. Maybe that thought will comfort you on those long nights when you have nothing to play and are surfing the web drooling over Sony's offerings.

By your rules Sony isn't allowed to offer ANY incentives whatsoever to developers whereas Microsoft can spend spend spend. And what has their money really done to enhance things for the gamer? Who is pumping money into research, games, pushing the envelope, studios, technology? It sure isn't Micro-you-are-being-closed-nex t-soft.

Even if Sony appeared on the cover of GameInformer handing EA a check I could care less. If that is what is necessary so developers will focus on the most technologically advanced platform then I applaud them for their actions. The best experience can only be had on the most capable platform.

Let's see, what does that leave. So far the following attacks have been used and failed miserably:

No games
Too expensive
Killzone 2 is fake
Not supported
Home will never launch
Too difficult to develop for
Doesn't look as good
HD DVD is the future
Bluray won't win
Bluray is unnecessary
DVDs look just as good
Games are not limited by DVD9
Digital downloads are the future
No must have titles or system sellers
MGS4 is coming to the 360
Killzone 2 won't look that good
Too expensive
Too expensive (I know but they are desperate)
MGS4 is coming to the 360
360 is getting the Rage engine
PS3 is teh doomed
PSP is teh doomed
Sony is teh doomed
Gaming is teh doomed
Too expensive
Killzone 2 doesn't innovate
No Co-op in Killzone 2
The 360 is getting Crysis 3 engine (Couldn't learn, could they)
OnLive will kill Bluray
Sony is buying exclusives

If you are down to throwing that reason at the PS3 you might as well be poking a daisy in the end of a tank barrel. Just close your eyes and prepare yourself for the inevitable....

....or you can do the wise thing and join the PS3 army.

thewhoopimen5535d ago (Edited 5535d ago )

Great points made Jake. I agree wholeheartedly. An unbiased article is one that provides both positive and negative points in a non-opinionated manner.

XboxOz360, what have you to say after being clearly shown your article is a one-sided opinion piece? I would like to further add this argument to the discussion:

-One of the points that I think is being missed here is that prior to this generation, Sony didn't have to resort to "incentivizing" potential studios in the way or manner that they have had to this console generation. Microsoft decided to play hardball with cash and I think it is only fair that Sony is "allowed" to compete without having to call them "hypocrites." Sony's isn't actively solicitating, unlike the majority of Microsofts' moves for exclusivity this gen.

A solicitation is 100% different from providing incentive. Microsoft is taking the initiative and literally soliciting for exclusivity. Sony is providing an incentive for new studios to allay their development costs, with PSN exclusivity being the 'catch'. The former involves giving UPFRONT money, the latter is a no-cost charge for development. I'm sorry xboxoz360 but you are wrong.