thebudgetgamer5296d ago

i personaly want to see raiden rescue sunny. and a little more into his backstory as a child soldier.


Super-Brad5296d ago

It was perfect, i just want a bit longer gameplay maybe 2 hours or so.

Flipgeneral5296d ago

Seriously, they were on the borderline of crossing the perv factor. I could not play this game in front of my godson's. They really need to tone that shiz down

thebudgetgamer5296d ago

there was alot of female flesh to be looked at. naomi has some of the best cleavage in any game, and with her constant half open shirts its hard to resist


cactuschef5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

The game was pervy? Really? I don't think so. I would be more worried about children watching the violence in MGS4 than the cleavage that was in the game.

RememberThe3575296d ago

If you can't show MGS4 to your godsons you could show most games to your godsons. So I fail to see what the issue is with MGS4.

Mr Tretton5295d ago

So cleavage is inappropriate but intense violence is ok?

Let me guess...are you American?

jammy_705295d ago

apart from that everything is perfect!!!!

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Fulensenca5296d ago

That Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the best experience I have had in about 23 years of playing videogames.

I just want to see the next game of this brand as Ps3 exclusive again. I just want to see Kojima focused just on a sistem ( everyone knows that the most of the better games on the market are exclusive, a this worth for every system on the market ).

neogeo5296d ago (Edited 5296d ago )

Metal gear is fantastic. They just need to upgrade the engine a bit and stream the game. The installs were Epic. installing the game 2 times before you can complete the game. A 5 gig install for the first half and another 5 gigs for the second half. Also the ending draged on for days, the whole wedding with the tranny at the end should have been dropped. We are men and don't need love and tranny weddings.

Super-Brad5296d ago

It's nice to have a happy ending in some sort.

GraySnake5296d ago

people dont relize that the installs where a joke, most of them take 2 minutes, and if you look at the hdd led light , it stays solid most of the time..... when most games install it filckers really fast. But in regards to the article, ABSOUTLY FRICKING NOTHING SHOULD CHANGE, cause MGS4 is the GREATEST GAME EVER imo. i think that the next game will feture riaden and his story after mgs2.

neogeo5296d ago

I love movies and games were the world ends and people die. Im getting jaded to seeing the same thing always. I would love for Snake to rape his clone daughter and blow his brans out in the end, but not before killing everyone he knows and loves first. Just think of the look on gamers faces around the planet! lol

Super-Brad5296d ago

Your a very messed up person indeed.