IncGamers: Multiplayer Hot Mods

Spanner Spencer looks at some of the most popular multiplayer mods from games old and new.

"One of the most prevalent missing features that inspires a home brew hacker to mod a source game is multiplayer. Even those games that do sport multiplayer action often don't live up to their potential, so it's up to a hot mod to sort things out."

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syrinx3492d ago

Nice, good feature again this week.

Leord3492d ago

Mods, and things related is a big interest of mine. I think it's really cool when fans make the thing that makes the game popular..

Like WarCraft III and DotA...

thetamer3492d ago

You've missed my favourite mod!

Leord3492d ago

It's hard to catch em all....

Wuushu3492d ago

Only for five sterling pounds.

Dorjan3492d ago

Jallbreak was done first for UT, pfft, nothing stands up to UT!

Dorjan3492d ago

The star wars mod looks well done, and considering there hasn't been a good star wars game for a while that looks worth a look!

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