Eternal Sonata Hands-on

The attention to detail in Eternal Sonata is astounding. The pillows on Chopin's bed have intricate stitching done in a thread of the same color as the cloth. The walls in shops are adorned with intimately detailed plates and hangings. City streets are lined with vibrant flowers as rainbows shine over babbling brooks. If you like Japanese RPGs, it's only going to take one look at the art style in Eternal Sonata for it to instantly vault to the top of games you have to play this summer.

The story in Eternal Sonata is of the sort that could only come from the imaginative and quirky minds in Japan. It begins with Chopin on his deathbed. His sister and doctor are watching him, wondering if he is going to recover and wake up or not. This is all a set up for the game which actually takes place inside a dream world in Chopin's head. Chopin himself exists in this land and he has the gift of magic (you would too if you had the luxury of living in a world you built with your mind). In this land, however, magic is the side effect of a terrible and fatal disease. Those who can wield magic are shunned and feared so they tend to keep their powers a secret.

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as it looks, we're all in for a treat!