Project Offset: GDC Meteor Tech Video

A stunning tech video for the high-end PC game: Project Offset.

Project Offset will be launching alongside Intel's Larrabee late this year to early next.

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Chubear3490d ago

Did you not see the vid? If you weren't impressed by that then.. I just dont' know.

Marquis_de_Sade3490d ago

I understand completely, it's not a PS3/360 (delete appropriately) exclusive, therefore it instantly becomes unimpressive.

TrevorPhillips3491d ago

This game will blow peoples mind away, its amazing :)

jack who3491d ago

also coming to the 360 btw ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3491d ago

You have a link confirming that?

When Intel acquired them they stopped and dropped all mention of Xbox 360.

I don't think it's coming but it would sure be a nice surprise if it did.

Gambit073491d ago

I see fail in the video, specifically when the big pillar falls, the dust it creates go out threw the pillar like it wasn't there.

xabmol3490d ago

I see fail in your comment.

Chubear3490d ago

Please, tell me you were just being sarcastic... SAY IT!

All-33490d ago

Hahaha HA!

I think he's actually --> serious <-- Yeeeeeeesh!

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Harry1903491d ago

Meanwhile,the studio was acquired by Intel and Project Offset is meant to be a PC exclusive spearheading the new Intel chips for next year.

However, it is not a big loss, since it has almost always been vapourware.

M337ING3491d ago

Sorry, man. That was before Intel bought them and upgraded the engine to use as a showcase for Larrabee.

3491d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.