GamingTrend Review: Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution

GamingTrend: "I've really been enjoying the kick SquareEnix has been on lately in re-releasing (or completely revamping, in the case of Final Fantasy III and IV) many of their classic RPG's for current gen systems. This not only gives us a chance to revisit some of our favorite titles from gaming years past, but also exposes a whole new generation to some of the genre and gameplay conventions that made us fall in love with RPG's in the first place.

Star Ocean is the latest series to receive this shot in the arm treatment. We saw the remake of the original game - now renamed Star Ocean: First Departure - last September, and the sequel has now been re-titled and re-released as Star Ocean: Second Evolution (SO:SE). Does it successfully navigate the sometimes treacherous oceans of ported games, or does it sink under the weight of its old-school gameplay? Let's take a look."

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