Final Fantasy XIII Info From Dorimaga

The most recent issue of the Japanese print magazine Dorimaga had some details concerning Final Fantasy XIII. Tetsu Tsukamoto, who previously has worked on FFX-2 is doing the weapons design. The scenario and setting of the game is 80% finished. The game's is running on real PS3 hardware and there will be vehicles in the game and the team is considering using the Dual Shock 3's tilt sensor function for control.

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OutLaw5840d ago

I really don't care who is working on it as long as they go back to their roots. They should never make a ff like they did with FFXI. To me the best one was FF7 and that game will always be a classic. They need to make one that fits that type of mold. I felt they was on the right track when FFX came out. So as long as they make a good Japanese type RPG. I really don't care who is behind it. Pretty soon they are going to have to change the name to Forever Fantasy the way they're going.

speed5839d ago

FF7 is one of my all time favorites. To me, the coolest aspect to FF is the summoning. Remember Ifrit, and the ice chick? sweet...

HaHa5839d ago

that it will be released in 2007 maybe ( drool )

ssj045839d ago

is going to be release late 2007