Sony's Cheaper PS3 development kit

In early March Sony made some waves saying the PS3 is hard to develop for on purpose. In the last days news surrounding new tools for PS3 developers have appeared. We already reported about the NVIDIA PhysX engine available now on the PS3.
Now Sony is further enhancing its support for developers with the introduction of new Reference Tool models in March 2009, DECR-1400A for North America and Europe/PAL territories at US $2,000 and €1,700 respectively, and DECR-1400J for Japan at JPY 200,000.

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krouse933521d ago

This means that If I and a few of my buddies got into development we could spend 2000 dollars on a developers kit (really cheap) then spend about6 months or so (estimate) making a little PSN game have about a 10-12 man team sounds like something to do and make pretty good money off of. :) I wanna make video games when I'm done with school.

ChozenWoan3521d ago

Phyre Engine is free. You just have to fill out some forms and agree to a NDA and to make your games exclusive to Sony. That's the route I'm looking into.

thebudgetgamer3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

ive done some programing and would love to learn the ps3 inside and out

:) edit: gold im 30 and have been doing programing on a on and off basis for like ten years. im a code monkey

krouse933521d ago

Well I'm 15 and I don;t take programing till next year. So maybe over the summer I can practice coding and 3-D character Models At least I plan on being mostly the 3-D design guy.

denied3521d ago

Devs now have no excuse to say its hard to make games for the PS3. But DANM!!! 2G's for the Kit? Im getting one ASAP

pwnsause3521d ago

yep, Cheaper Dev kit= More games to look foward to by developers who can finally afford to get one, not to mention tools that makes developing on the PS3 easier than ever before.

kai_h3521d ago

$10,250 to $2,000? Not bad.

krouse933521d ago

Sweet, but where does it say that?

I believe you i just wanna see.

krouse933521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

never mind i found it here

now the new one is 8250 dollars cheaper at only 2000 dollars holy crap.

Can i please have bubbles im out :-(