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IGN writes: "I don't think my expectations were too high for Wheelman. As a man who enjoys the occasional crappy action film, I came into Wheelman expecting cheesy Vin Diesel dialogue, an unbelievable story and lots of explosions. What I got was a whole lot more -- and not much of it was good. Sure, there's an abundance of cheesy Vin Diesel dialogue and fiery moments, but there's also the complete lack of story, mentally handicapped enemies, a repetitive city and some lame missions.

In short, this is not an interactive The Fast and The Furious. That saddens me."

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Marcello3584d ago

Well no surprise here after playing the demo, i was left wondering if this game was some really bad last gen game.

KKanjiAnkh3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I just played the full version for about 2hrs, and this score is spot on, and should be worse.

It wants to be, some of the worst, ideas implemented into the core design of this game.

Pursuit Force

Just cause it's an action game, gives it no excuse, for the poor characters, music, city design, script, & dialogue, and much more, this game is a steaming pile, of Triceratops dung.

the Unreal Engine is garbage.

joydestroy3584d ago

this game just got raped.

phosphor1123584d ago

The controls could have been better, and its not the best looking game but it plays well.

It had a lot of action and destruction. Also lots of neat moves like the Cyclone and such. I don't see how this got such a low score, especially since everyone else gave it MUCH better reviews. GameInformer, GamePro, and VideoGamer all gave it 80 and above (out of 100).

talltony3584d ago

I knew this game was going to get bad reviews right after I started to play the demo. All that car jumping and car spinning is just so gimicky and overdone.

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Avenged Sevenfold3584d ago

You to this sh1t hole or something? Funny "arguments" inhere btw.

get2sammyb3584d ago

The game is nowhere near this bad at all.

DelbertGrady3584d ago

Imo it's much more worthy of $60 than Wanted: Weapons of Fate, which is a scam. I've played the retail versions of both and The Wheelman is a solid 7/10.

Major_Tom3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Well this is merely his opinion, I share the same one. I thought it was a bad, bad, bad game.

Elven63584d ago

I agree, its worth at least a 7, I've never really agreed with Greg Miller's reviews, this just reminds me of it.

nix3584d ago

4/10 was what i have been saying. IGN was gracious enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.