CVG previews Xbox 360 version of Portal

last week CVG managed to get their first hands-on experience with the Xbox 360 version of Portal, and the transformation from PC to console has gone smoother than expected.

Graphically the game looks just as good - if not better - than its PC counterpart, which had them excited to see how well the rest of the Orange Box package performs.

The 360 edition sports some lovely hi-res textures and lighting effects with a solid framerate, which is probably to be expected considering the environments consist solely of sterile, but artistically pleasing lab rooms.

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nicodemus4625d ago

Portal sounds awesome by the way.

Question: Is the Orange box (or the black box, I forget which), the one that comes with all 5 games -- Half-life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal, and Team fortress -- Does this package all come on one disc for the 360 version?

I want to know because if it is all on one disc, then it will alleviate the worry about the 360 not having enough space for games.

i rule4625d ago

if that happned what would all of the sony trolls complain about?