PS3 - Major League Baseball 2K7

Excellent pitching and quality commentary are the highlights of this year's solid effort, but the PS3 game can't keep up with the 360 version.

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weekapaugh4326d ago

I played the demo on the 360 and was not impressed. will get MLB the show instead.

Dlacy13g4326d ago

You can blame Gamespy for the words not him. And you gotta admit....a majority of the mulitplatform games for the PS3 have been coming up short when reviewers are comparing the two consoles.

This game really sticks out in my mind because you can see how Sony's non-unified online service ...and lack of quality control for how online is implemented is leaving this game lacking on the online.

blackmagic81034326d ago

it is a baseball game and therefore i don't care.

TheMART4326d ago



Another time the best version is on the 360???

"The 360 version has richer colors and will upscale to take advantage of a 1080p display, while the PS3 version is locked in at 720p. On a high-end display, it's easy to see that the PS3 version's visuals are washed out and far less well-defined than you'll find on the Xbox 360 version. The parks are accurately modeled, down to the individual scoreboards, adverts and even the concession areas."

Plus the online features on the 360 are better. So what will be the damage control this time Sony fans? Is it a bad port? The washed out colours aren't a thing that comes back game after game on the PS3? What is there to deny over and over again?

The 360 is optimal for games, the PS3 isn't. Period. How many times do you need to get proof...

Bathyj4325d ago

The mean the PS3 isn't optimal for sloppy ports dont you?

Do you honelstly think only XB can do good graphics Mart? Thats just sad.

SmokeyMcBear4326d ago

could be uhhh.. developers have no idea how to program for the cell processor...i doubt that the 360 is any better for games than the ps3. Just look at the visuals from ratchet and clank. Any game that is on both the 360 and ps3, at least for the foreseable future is most likely going to look cleaner and be optimized for the 360. This is the type of programming developers are used to and comfortable with. Once development tools are utilized by these developers programming for both systems will the games be more comparable on both systems. That is one negative that I can see on the ps3 side, which i do hope will be rectified in the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.