Pro Evolution Soccer 6 nets a million in UK

Having sold 1 million copies 9 weeks quicker than Pro Evo 5, Konami are expecting sequel Pro Evo 7, the first outing on the PS3, to perform even better.

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Ggame4235d ago

Finally, it's appear on PlayStation 3 which the first title of Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Neutral Gamer4235d ago

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how well Pro Evo 7 looks and plays on the PS3 and 360.

kingboy4235d ago

pro evo on ps3,now that`s what i`v been waiting for

Kastrol4235d ago

Pes is so much better on the playstation controlleri prefer the d pad
as the analouge is so frustrating

techie4235d ago

You should be able to foul using the sixaxis - like shove it to the side to elbow or push over the opposition :P

Gamer134235d ago

And the gameplay was amazing it plays better than the ps2 version and the controller is better.

IM OUT...///"""

bloop4234d ago

Have got to totally disagree with you on that. I was really looking forward to PES on the 360, but man, sheesh, what the hell did they do to it!!!????? They absolutely ruined it!! As for people wondering which version will look and play better, well, seen as though PES6 is just an original XBOX game with graphics running at a higher resolution, I think you can bet the PS3 version will look and play much better.

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The story is too old to be commented.