The Portable Gamer's February NPD Analysis

The Portable Gamers write:

"If you've ever visited a video game forum in the middle of the month, you know of the exciting, entertaining, and level-headed discussion that appears when the NPD sales numbers come out for the previous month. (End Sarcasm.) If you haven't, then I don't suggest starting now.

However, if you still have a thirst for the knowledge of video game sales, then you have come to the right place!"

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CrAppleton3585d ago

Jebus.. that's insane! All of the top ten were DS games. You would think at least ONE of them would have been a PSP game

bgrundman3585d ago

Yeah, but try to find a PSP game that is worth a crap that has been released in the last year and a half...

Da One3585d ago

damn it's getting creamed

forcefullpower3585d ago

They dont even have GOW in it.

killyourfm3585d ago

They don't even have GTA's Liberty City, which IS one of the best selling PSP games to date - goes to show how massive the install base is for the DS.