Gametrailers: The Godfather II Preview

Learn extortion and racketeering in your quest to be the ultimate Don.

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ThatCanadianGuy5304d ago

Really excited for this game.Loved the first one !

This game will be what GTAIV should of been..you know..fun..


It's time to remember a hidden gem of a mafia game: Godfather II

On the eve of Mafia III, it's a good time to recall this diamond in the rough. Yes, seriously. It was great.

opinionated2543d ago

Godfather 2 was great, it was basic but fun.


Videogames and the Oscars

gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "Movie tie-in games have a reputation for being notoriously bad and shoddy, doing both a disservice to the original film and videogames as a medium. More often than not the movies that get adapted into videogames are high octane, action-oriented summer blockbusters and the aim is simply to extract as much money from the market as possible. Realistically no one expects games based on trashy films such as Catwoman, The Cat in the Hat, or Eragon to be good in the first place, but what about games based on films that have garnered recognition for the highest award in cinema?"

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5 Hilarious Video Game Industry Screw Ups

Kotaku: "When an industry is made-up of almost equal parts society-changing brilliance and playboy man-child syndrome, it's bound to generate some exceptionally stupid ideas."

InTheLab4093d ago

That's not racism in the Netherlands. As a matter of fact, the black and white thing is a product of good old American stupidity, save for a few parts of Africa....

The LBP thing wasn't funny. It was actually pretty stupid. You know what? Most of this list was not funny.

How about that time EA staged a boycott of Dante's Inferno and got caught?

Or that whole Wii Music thing a few E3s ago.

Or, you know...something that's actually funny?

Anyway...the whole thing was 3 Sony screw ups and 2 EA. I'd hardly call that the video game industry...

memots4093d ago

Another well written and smart article trying anything to get some hit. I can think of many other thing that are actually funny like the Riiiiiiiidge racer one or even the Ms e3 puncho and their presentation of skittle ( shudder ) .

vikingland14093d ago

Brass knuckles LOL thats crazy as crazy can get.

sriki0074092d ago

loved the article. :D
Video games FTW.

r214092d ago

wow, who knew events like that happened O_O that event with the bloody dead goat was the craziest of em all.

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