PSU: Motorstorm 2 Confirmed!

Still reporting news [post event] from GDC, PSU has some great information to share with everyone.

"Proceeding the Phil Harrison Keynote last week, PSU ran into a few guys from Evolution Studios, whom all were wearing Motorstorm attire. After a little chit-chat about the keynote speech and thoughts on Sony's recent announcements, we began to ask questions about Motorstorm and what Evolution Studios had next on their list.

"Motorstorm 2!" was the reply and its been in development for quite some time. Outside of announcing the title, the developers wouldn't divulge into any other details, other than its being built on a revamped version of the original Motorstorm Engine."

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specialguest4233d ago

I just bought Motorstorm a couple of days ago and I have to say that this game is actually really fun to play, especially online. Now that the devs know what the minor complaints or lack of features are, I hope they'll take it into consideration and improve on the sequel(not that it needed THAT much improvement) A figure 8 track would be pretty crazy.

If anyone of you see SPECIALGUEST online, that'b me.

Maddens Raiders4233d ago

Look for me on Motorstorm specialguest. Also I've already got Motorstorm II reserved at GameSpot!!lol l8r

Ps3Fanboy7774233d ago

Got horrible reviews but its flawless.. All the tracks are so detailed and the physics are unreal..

Without a doubt a great game.

Play it before you knock it because reviews arent trust worthy anymore.

Oh and yes its hard, dont expect for the AI to let up as you go along...

Dreyals4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

and been working nights. I actually picked it up for a few minutes and yes it is hard. It is a great and fun game. IMO using motion sensing adds to the realism of what they were trying to achieve especially in deep mud. Online play is a blast and best of all you don't have to wait for the slow poke (yes I was the slow poke) to finish before it goes back to the lobby. The lobby is the only downside to on-line play. Very lack luster. Other than that I had a blast with. Just waiting for when I got back to day shift to really tear into it.

PSN: Air-God (look me up)

Bathyj4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Get splitscreen happening for Part 1 and release the update. Then build that into part 2.

As well as more new tracks, include all the originals as well. Then ala Smugglers Run I think it is make a big open are with dirverse terrain. Then allow gamers to make an unlimited amount of user created tracks simply by placing checkpoints around the map. There would be no track per say, but mad dashes from checkpoint to checkpoint. Plus with this kind of area, different game modes would be a given. Why not a capture the flag or hold the bomb type game. I'd love to see a big destruction derby type arena too for last man standing, maybe with caranvans trailing behind. Its such a good engine, they should exploit it.

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The story is too old to be commented.