2 New Elveon Images

German developer Tentacle send us two new screenshots of Elveon, their heroic-fantasy action game to be released on PC and X360 god-knows-when.

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i rule5257d ago

I just dont know what to think about this game.. Maybe a rental

power of Green 5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

I see it as a buy from what i read about the combat system alone and the story might be cool it sure does sound cool it kind of has a grown folks feel and look to it compared to other games about the pointed eared creatures. This is the way Zelda should be although i doubt this game will have all the puzzles and upgrades. Looking good.

OldSchoolGamer5257d ago

Want to see something running on hardware, or possibly a playable demo. I really have seen or heard enough to call rental or purchase yet, but leaning rental.

lilwingman5257d ago

Though I don't have a 360, I think this game sounds like it has a lot of potential, and it would be a definite purchase for me if I had the console. RPG/Action adventures are my favourite type of games, and this sounds like it is right up my ally.

Toolman5257d ago

Nice graphics, mature fantasy world and maybe a great combat system. yeah i am keeping my eyes on this one

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The story is too old to be commented.