Sony To Surpass Madden?

"Baseball is known as the America's pastime, but Football is truly the game of American dreams. It would asinine to suggest that the Super bowl is anything but a national phenomenon. That fervor for the sport has translated well to the spectrum of video games. Ever since the early days of the Sega Genesis, digital football has been a mainstay in the console gaming scene. Even though he has a face for radio, any gamer worth their salt would instantly recognize John Madden's characteristic double chin and Children of the Damned-like white hair."

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GWAVE5188d ago

Though it seems highly unlikely that Sony would take over the Madden franchise, "MLB: The Show" is proof enough that they would make it into a game that's actually worth playing every year.

Nick2120045188d ago

I would love to see what Sony could do with a football franchise.

N4Sony5188d ago

Because NFL Gameday made us all so happy!!!

How about we just let someone completely new take a shot. EA's game is now stale/cheap and glitchy. Sony/M$/Visual Concepts (SEGA) have all had a shot and failed, why not try someone like, say, internal Activision or hell, how about Square-Enix! Let's keep up with that Western Expansion Square!!! Quickly Wada, get on it!

MasFlowKiller5188d ago

It was a sad day when i was force to pick up madden because 2k was no longer available

Firstkn1ghT5188d ago

Yeah and NBA 09 Inside is proof enough to see that Sony can make a game that nobody gives a crap.

poopsack5188d ago

Wow First Kn1Ght good thing ur no fanboy, i mean u go out of your way to post flamebait when there is no negative mention towards MIcrosoft and xbox. Nice one.

Firstkn1ghT5188d ago

Who's creating flame bait? I'm just replying to Guave that Sony is able to create a sports franchise that is complete crap just like NBA 09 Inside. Probably the worst NBA game ever created.

poopsack5188d ago (Edited 5188d ago )

no its okay, i see what it was you did in your post, its just not related to the point he was trying to make. I know its no NBA 2K but people buy it, so it may be worth a crap for some after all :)

DeletedUser5188d ago

Um, they are made by different developers. The article clearly states SCE San Diego, which makes MLB, the developers that do NBA, aren't the greatest, and are supposed to get help from San Diego next year.

cayal5187d ago

Don't use logic on fanboys, they just don't get it.

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swiftshot935188d ago

I guess we'll find out September 13 then.
This time would also give MS a chance to assemble their own studio for licensed games.

GWAVE5188d ago

Microsoft? Assemble their own studio? Surely you jest when buying exclusive DLC is only $50 million away.

Eh, I'm joking, but seriously...

N4Sony5188d ago

....internal development....M$ XBOX 2009 exclusives?....

....that's a new concept. Quickly! Give Greenterd the memo!

Nick2120045188d ago

That would be the next big thing. The ps3 football game vs. the 360 football game.

II Necroplasm II5188d ago (Edited 5188d ago )

There needs to be two NFL games a year again. That's when the games was a beast

PoSTedUP5188d ago

yea that's when the both sides give it their best effort to come out with a great NFL game. from 08' to 09' was Ea's biggest improvement in a madden game in a wile, and still... it wasn't that big of a change... (-_-)

damn you Ea...

Bnet3435188d ago

Microsoft had their own sports titles back on Xbox 1. It was XSN Sports. Included games like NFL Fever, NBA Inside Drive, MLB Inside Pitch, and Links (golf).

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TheHater5188d ago

While the Quality of Sony MLB game is heads and shoulders above Madden, I don't see it overtaking Madden ever. Madden is too popular and is available of every platforms known to man.

II Necroplasm II5188d ago

That's because football is 100 times better than baseball :)

TheHater5188d ago (Edited 5188d ago )

That is a matter of opinion. I for one prefer Football over baseball because I enjoy playing and watching it more than I do baseball. While other prefer baseball over football. But it terms of video games, Sony Baseball game is probable the best sport game to a majority of people that pick up sports game each year in the United States.

PoSTedUP5188d ago

no hockey is better than both of them. ; )

Ea does make a nasty hockey game; i just wish they weren't monopolizing conservative greedy bastards, and let go of that NFL license! you hear me Ea!? GIVE IT UP!

Bnet3435188d ago

Yeah, football sucks. By football sucks, I mean american football, soccer is good.

Douche Nozzle5188d ago

N4G needs to add an "LOL" option next to Agree,Disagree,etc. Yeah American Football sucks. Why is it even called "Football" anyway? Shouldn't IT be called "Soccer"? As in you "sock"[hit/tackle] people?
Rugby is better than American Football too. :P :P :P :P :P :P

II Necroplasm II5188d ago

True. but baseball puts me to sleep so I feel that way.

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Zeus Lee5188d ago

I can't tell if this is a joke or not...?

PoSTedUP5188d ago

man sonys exclusive MLB franchise is really done well, i wonder what they could do if they got a hold of that NFL license. we already know 2k got what it takes to make a great football game. someone need to jack that license from Ea man, they know they scared to give it up!

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