PSN Bandwidth Charges May Explain No MME on PS3

When the March Madness edition of NCAA Basketball 09 was announced many people wondered why it was exclusive to the Xbox 360. EA Sports didn't make any comments as to the reasoning behind that. News that came out today though may provide the basis for why that decision was made.

MTV has an article about how publishers have become frustrated with the charging of bandwidth fees for both paid and free content on Sony's Playstation Network. It appears that this is another (unrealized) benefit to the paid XBL subscriptions that now publishers are hesitant to provide content for PSN because they have to foot the bill for it.

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frayer4432d ago

Didn't stop EA from releasing Red Alert yesterday...

JokesOnYou4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

The article didn't say EA or any publisher was going to "stop" releasing games or content for psn, it only states that they are frustrated which they cleary state has lead to some publishers being "hesistant" about releasing future content on psn...that should concern ps3 owners a bit, especially if its your only console but either way I'm sure sony will work something out with publishers to ensure this never becomes a big issue.


blind-reaper4432d ago

yeah why bother the developers paying for the "transportation" fees when you could just charge customers... Good Job Microsoft!

candystop4432d ago

Well a few dollars a month is well worth it when you think about the more software and services you get with live. This sucks for Sony gamers because they miss out on so much. Psn is such a half azz patch job service. Thank you Sony

navyguy214432d ago

But i think this is one of the advantages to paying for xbox live. With PSN, the publisher, or dev foot the bill for online development, and not ALL studios can afford it, but MS has TOO MANY other restrictions that i think are equally problematic, i dont understand why the publishers are upset. you whine about PS3 need to drop price, well STFU and let sony make money in other areas so that they can AFFORD to do it just to shut you guys up!!!..........just my two cents :P

Why dis4432d ago

MME is a retail game? lol

*Hears Swishing Noise Over Head*

4431d ago
barom4431d ago

Someone gotta pay for it, if Sony doesn't want to. It's either us consumers or the publishers. When looked at it that way I'm content with Sony's choice.

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PirateThom4432d ago

The FIFA equivalent came out on the EU Store today, so make of that what you will.

Bnet3434432d ago

Maybe it's in the US only?

ActionBastard4432d ago

My enjoyment of a free PSN, exclusives and multiplatform goodness may explain why I don't give a sh!t.

SpitFireAce854432d ago

like publishers dont make enough money selling their games 59.99
plus tax.If you want to advertise you pay for it thats the way
it is.Pass the savings to the consumer free Online Gaming (PSN)

Ps. I agree with you 100% blind-reaper ^^^

LeonSKennedy4Life4432d ago

Sony isn't charging these developers.

The developers have to pay to keep their own servers running. That's how PC games do it also.

ASSASSYN 36o4432d ago

Did you read the article? Sure doesn't seem like it. It's really not that long or hard to understand...try it you might love it.

PSGamingInc4432d ago

And you also might want to know that not all PS3 games have their own dedicated servers.

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