Legends of WrestleMania Review (OXCGN): Ah... the 80's and 90's: a time when wrestling was pure


"Every year THQ-Yukes release a new wrestling installment trying to capture what we see on television today. Smackdown vs Raw 2009 had managed to bring a solid wrestling title to the next-gen consoles, however with Legends of WrestleMania it was time to focus on the foundations of the WWE and what made it what it is today. It was time for the legends to shine."

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gaminoz3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Hulk Hogan! Andre the Giant! Nostalgia...

I loved Andre the Giant in Princess Bride too...classic.

Jamegohanssj53525d ago

ZOMG! Like I said this game is better than the last 3 additions of Smackdown V Raw.


Godem3525d ago

bah wrestling sucks, its all fake I tell ya!

Immortal Kaim3525d ago

My Favourite wrestling game is still WCW vs NWO on the N64 (pretty sure that is the title).

I don't like the whole WWE era, maybe this game would be more my style?

boodybandit3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

the engine of that N64 game was made by Asmik Ace Entertainment of Japan. They have since fallen off the radar. It's a damn shame no developer purchased the engine from them. I would kill for that engine with today's system capabilities.

GrathiusXR3525d ago

But Smackdown vs Raw 09 is quite good too..

after playing the demo of this i was a bit meh as to the whole game but after playing some matches in the full version it has grown on me quite a lot.. even though the playing style is different to SvR09 it is still enjoyable..

And this game is not for all these new peoepl who just started watchign wrestling and think they know everythign god i hate them so much..

This is for the fans who used to watch it back in the 80s and or 90s.. Now let's get a Legends of WcW match up so we can relive the match of Hollywood Hogan vs Sting for the Heavyweight where Bret Heart comes in takes the bell from the ref and proceeds to ref the match and in the end Sting wins with his special move..

Pure Awesome..

Or Goldbergs last match where he was finally defeated because of some shoddy work via Scott Hall.. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.