Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 answers a million prayers

For everything going wrong in your life right now, there's at least one beacon of light to keep you, a dutiful PS3 owner, smiling. A long (long!) awaited device has just slipped into the FCC's database, and while details are scant, most of what we need to know is tucked away in the title: Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3.

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GiantEnemyCrab3591d ago

YES! The PS3 is the only device I have that doesn't work on my Harmony. It is going to be nice to be able to control everything from one remote.

I definately recommend the Harmony remote it's a bit spendy but it's worth it.

morganfell3591d ago

"For everything going wrong in your life right now...?" Oh, that's right, it's my old friends from Joysliq.

PS3istheshit3591d ago

fill me in on wat a harmony is?

pwnsause3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

is a universal remote developed by Logitech. its really awesome.

one of the Harmony remotes they developed so far was an xbox 360 harmony remote.

BTW, is there anyone who lives in New York City and watches TV through digital Cable service (TWC/Cablevision) and owns a harmony remote, can anyone tell me if its compatible to those cable boxes?

Narutone663591d ago

but very pricey, specially the model 1100. It's like buying another PS3.

importfighter3591d ago

All the remotes pretty much do the same thing

besides the 890 and 1000 which can Work with an RF ADAPTER

any one of those Remotes are awesome if u have more then 3 remotes in ur room

Gish3591d ago

It boggles my mind that a remote manufacter never made one that used bluetooth. They would have made a killing. And no it doesnt cost much at all to make BT devices.

pwnsause3591d ago

its not just remotes, buy every type of controller in general.

i still dont understand why i cant user my guitar controller or 3rd party controller thru bluetooth on the PS3. Like seriously WTF? i dont want to be using dongles on my PS3. is sony not allowing companies to do so?

Narutone663590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

most household appliances uses RF for their remote. RF module is much cheaper than a Bluetooth module. The downside to RF is that you need a line of sight to control an appliance. Hopefully with the Bluetooth module coming down in price, we will see a trend where it will replace RF.

Gish3590d ago

I do understand that BT is more expensive to make than RF, but these are Harmony remotes, not exactly the cheapest ones made. You know a ton of PS3 owners would have ponied up 30 or so more bucks to get that ability. That's whats weird to me. I can understand the guitar's and such.

Narutone663590d ago

It is still a "Universal Remote", that's why it is universally compatible with the most appliances which uses RF. BT as a mean of remote control is still considered a niche market to most part of the world.

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