New StarCraft 2 Screenshots: Replay functionality preview

Blizzard have released 3 new screenshots that previews the new Starcraft 2 replay functionality. It provides the viewer with all sorts of data such as resources of all players, army size and more.

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SCFreelancer3502d ago

This is one of those features I really want to try hands on. It seems to be a huge improvement over the version Starcraft, or even Warcraft 3 had.

Leord3502d ago

Yeah, to be fair, SC1 got replays as an afterthought in a later patch, and I am not sure how WC3 works.

It's definitely a commentator's dream!

Leord3502d ago

They sure are pushing for the eSport functionality in SC2...

SCFreelancer3502d ago

I know Starcraft is big in that area, and a game probably needs heroes these days so it is only logical if you look at it like that.

However, most of us players are not even close to pro and play it for the reason it was made for: entertainment.

If it helps the game, perfect; I think in terms of balance it does, but in terms of MP graphics it does damage the potential a bit.

Fyzzu3502d ago

Good stuff. Nothing major, but it's the sort of functionality I like to see.

JonahNL3502d ago

Great feature indeed! Would love to try that out! Screenshots looking good as always! ^_^

Bonsai12143502d ago

WC3 has had the info board for a while, so its nothing new. but i do like that you can see what the unit can do and what buildings have to upgrade when you click on them. its always helpful to click on a building to see what's left to upgrade rather than click a unit and try to figure it out.

the unit part of the info board is new. it'll be interesting to see how that works. like maybe a unit count of each type?