Are Hardcore Gamers Open-Minded?

Videogames will, without doubt, follow the same pattern eventually. There will be games released which feature transparent arguments for-and-against political issues, those which subtly poke at suggestions, and those which contain the same amount of socio-political awareness as a Cheech & Chong movie. This in itself will be yet another bridge to wider acceptance of videogames as art, entertainment and product simultaneously, just as film, music and television are benefit to.

But videogames may well be attempting to cross that bridge sooner than would be expected it appears. Before even the general public have become convinced of such a societal milestone, Aeria Games' Dream of Mirror Online has today announced the new in-game options concerning same-sex marriages.

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cyguration3499d ago

like we really need fanboys clamoring to the message boards with...
"Your neo-conservative power-ups suck in comparison to my level 10 liberal agenda!"