Gaze upon 13 newly released screens from The Conduit (Wii)

High Voltage Software, developers of The Conduit, and SEGA have released 13 new screenshots from the upcoming Wii game. SEGA details what's featured in the screens:

"These new screens give you an exclusive look at the alien enemies battling in some very recognizable D.C. locations. Additional screens showcase the "All-Seeing Eye" (ASE) - Michael Ford's device used to reveal concealed objects and enemies, providing a more in-depth level of puzzle-solving that is wholly integral to the story and game play."

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N4g_null3504d ago

Great screens these guys should seriously think about middle ware or at least give us level editors! conduit with a build and destroy community would be great!

Gr813504d ago

but more importantly, they are putting their virtual world into the hands of gamers, and it feels great. I suppose this game would be considered by Malstrom as a spearhead towards the upper tier market?;)