Did The PS3 Deliver ? is hosting a poll on Sony's performance at GDC 2007. Voters were asked to answer After being asked the following series of questions:

"Did the PS3 deliver the goods at the event? Did it meet expectations? Did you laugh, cry or kiss about $700 bucks good-bye?"

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Shadow Flare4235d ago

You'd have to be mental in the think-tank to say no. Apart from some people expecting some Killzone 2 stuff, everyone was impressed by sony. Even Microsoft was impressed by LittleBigPlanet

Marty83704235d ago

LBA rocks, anyone not impressed by Sonys GDC showing must be blind.

blackmagic81034235d ago

sony did a wonderful job at gdc i can't wait for the end of the year

Toolman4235d ago

I expected killzone, but i was still impressed.
I watched the keynote, and the way the crowd reacted to LittleBigPlanet was great

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The story is too old to be commented.