The games that Nintendo fans want don't include "kiddy" and "port"

A storm of huffs and puffs have been flooding forums with complaints about third-party games coming for the Wii. As mentioned in N'Gai Croal's column, Nintendo fans are being picky about their games, and they're not happy about Wii games just being ports of older platforms or being created as too "kiddy."

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blackmagic81034625d ago

the games are too "kiddy" in my opinion with a few exceptions.that is why i haven't gotten one yet.

Robotz Rule4625d ago

Those games are still too kiddy,and mostly all there games will be,sure the wii maybe fun,but for mature gamers like me,I'll stick with playing my ps3 and xbox 360,still not sure if I want a wii.

PS360WII4625d ago

And when I say 1-99 that does include the 20 year olds too. Wii is for hardcore, retro, mature gaming needs. Along with the best kid games around. They are many know for being a kid game console but really it's just that they make the kid games better than the others not because it's the only thing they make