Combat Arms Black Market Update

Nexon has added new content to the Combat Arms Europe in-game store, the Black Market.

As well as new weapons and kit, the store now offers a "stats reset" function for players who have improved significantly.

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Leord3498d ago

In my opinion, a game where you have stats is not complete without a stat reset.

Dorjan3498d ago

A lot of games that I play doesn't allow the stats reset. They claim your learning relates to your skill.

I do think more games should have a "i'm out of training please start counting my stats" button, although i can see how it can be abused...

Leord3498d ago

I think it should be stored, but displayed differently. People should be free to reset their stats, I mean they don't count training matches for boxers, do they? It's their career that matters, nothing else!

Cogo3498d ago

No, I think that stats really are to show you through your entire history of the game. Perhaps put higher emphasis on the latest months stats or something, but show it all. It IS part of training.

thetamer3498d ago

This is what I love about the recent games which are free to play online, they're getting as much support, if not more, as the games we pay through our noses through. How long will it be before browser games take over consoles?

Leord3498d ago

That won't happen. Not because of popularity, but that consoles are much more a social experience, and in the end, we want social experiences =)

AndyA3498d ago

Agreed. Although a lot of my recent Call of Duty 4 experiences on Xbox LIVE haven't exactly been "sociable." Unless sociable is a synonym for "anti-semitic."

Cogo3498d ago

Xbox Live is not the same as sitting together in a living room playing...

Malfurion3498d ago

Oh that's awesome, great addition to an already exciting game.

Cogo3498d ago

I'd rather be without it, to be honest.

Fyzzu3498d ago

Stats reset is an interesting idea, and one I do kinda like, depending on how much impact the stats have on the game.

Cogo3498d ago

It can easily be abused. It should not be allowed.