Gameinformer: Seven Ideas For The Next Elder Scrolls

Gameinformer: We're pretty big fans of the Elder Scrolls series here at the office. Many of us have put insane amounts of hours into Oblivion alone, not to mention the past games like Morrowind and Daggerfall. One of the most common phrases said on the Game Informer Online office is "You know what would be cool?" We spend more than enough work hours during the week dreaming about the perfect games and what we would love to play. The Elder Scrolls definitely comes up a lot and this time we put it on paper.

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Captain Tuttle3499d ago

Or somewhere else other than the typical Tolkien inspired lands like Cyrodill.
Good list.

Antan3499d ago

Oblivion IMO was just fabulous, i must of put nearly 200 hours into the PC version, including the addons, though i was disappointed with Shivering Isles. The atmosphere the game created is still right up there with the very best......Even just wandering around was a much diversity in locations, not so much the cavernous ares but even these had a certain charm to them. I didn`t enjoy Fallout 3 nearly as much because of the lack of variety in doesn`t have the soul or character which Oblivion has in spades. ANY improvement, big or small for the next will be a bon us for me.

threepy3499d ago

Not a fan of their combat idea though. I'd like Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls to be different. I want actual combat, and I want the hunders of side quests.

Take the best parts from Morrowind, the best parts from Oblivion and add a small (very small) part of Fallout 3 in a different land and that's what I'd like.

Not sure about the multiple lands thing. Maybe 2 lands, but I'm not sure. Then one province would seem just a little too small to be at all realistic. 2 at most anyway.
Either way, Skyrim FTW :D

DragonWarrior_43499d ago

They should add morrowwind, oblivion, and a whole new world and bring them together.

threepy3499d ago

I disagree. I loved Cyrodiil and Vvardenfell but we've been there. I doubt you could fit so much on one disc without things being compromised. You'd need the 3rd world to have as much depth and detail as the other two.

On a side note, Morrowind was set in Vvardenfell, we only got to go to the actual land of Morrowind in the expansion-and only one city. S I wouldn't be totally against going to Morrowind.

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The story is too old to be commented.