Update: Cursed Mountain

IGN: Development studio Deep Silver recently brought an updated build of Cursed Mountain by the IGN offices so that we could have a look at the progress made. Although we were unable to play the title, now set for a September 2009 release, we did come by a better idea of what to expect from the end product by way of the expanded three-level demo. Cursed Mountain is still rough around the edges, but there's good promise. Not only is the unique story interesting -- a veteran hiker travels to the haunted Himalayas after his inexperienced younger brother goes missing there -- but the title downplays violence and gore for psychological scares.

Today, we bring you a brief interview with Deep Silver Vienna developer Martin Flipp and marketing manager Chadd McNeill, as well as a first look at genuine gameplay via direct-feed footage.

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SinnedNogara3500d ago

Looks pretty good! Hope more people learn about it.

jtucker783500d ago

My kind of game.

This is what Wii needs more of. Cursed Mountain. DS: Extraction. etc.

ChickeyCantor3500d ago

SO much horror !
T_T I'm starting to miss the colorful games...

Well made though, ill keep it on my radar.