See Resident Evil 5 prototype running on UE3

The Resident Evil 5 strategy guide had some info and screens on the making of Resident Evil 5. Aside from early concept art and screens of the build used for the very first gameplay footage, they had a few screenshots of the game running on another engine. The only next-gen engine Capcom has aside from their own MT Framework one is the Unreal Engine 3 which they licensed a few years back.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

If Resident Evil 5 was running on UE3 then Chris's hair must have looked as if he poured an entire bucket of gel over it. The walls would look like there's vaseline all over them and the textures, well, see for yourself.

Kain813505d ago

i didn´t know that the textures would pop up so extremly Slow.
It needed 17-20 seconds to load the textures O.O

ToastyMcNibbles3505d ago

as much as i love mass effect..the game technically was not impressive...not only were the texture pop ins an issue but the game couldnt even handle 5 people shooting each other on the screen at once

ShabzS3505d ago

its the unreal engine .. its a good engine but its known for its notorious texture pop ins... even bioshock suffers from it...

Kushan3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

It's not a fault of the engine, it's just developers not correctly using a feature of the engine.

The engine is designed for streaming data in as it needs it. This means you get shorter loading times and much larger levels, but some games do not optimise for it very well, creating a very obvious texture pop-in. Mass effect is the best example of this game and it's been described as a "technical mess".
Perhaps the blame can be attributed to Epic as well, though, it's not an uncommon issue, so perhaps the documentation for UE3 isn't as good as it could be. But it's not really the engine's "fault", if a developer knows what they're doing, you'll never notice the streaming process.

As for the "shiny" issue people have with Unreal tech, once again it's not a fault of the engine. The engine supports specular highlighting, some developers just go a bit extreme with the spec map, probably a "It's a feature, thus we must use it!" thing.

ToastyMcNibbles3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

i think you both are right about it...i think its both the developers and the engine

iNcRiMiNaTi3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

i guess its epic's fault for not knowing how to use their own engine and not the engine's fault?

i agree on the spec maps but its not only the spec maps tho, i noticed from messing around with various 3d programs that normal mapping can give models that glossy look also. the engine does produce nice visuals when it does load, its just a little annoying when u have to wait for the textures to finally load up

KionicWarlord2223505d ago

the engine has a history of load times which most time last for 9 seconnds till they come in. its still a great engine.

likedamaster3505d ago


It doesn't say it's running on the UE3.

BLuKhaos3505d ago

It's common knowledge that Mass Effect runs on the UE3.

pshizle3505d ago

it runs much better

mass effect has to be one of my favorite games of all time

barom3504d ago

Can't make much about the screens, they're so small. Are these the original sizes?

goflyakite3504d ago

Just realized this, why isn't anyone saying anything about the colors in RE5. Looking at those pictures it seems really gray.

Nobody had any problems saying it about KZ2.

joemayo763504d ago

I actually find the artwork more interesting than the screenshots (hey Capcom wheres the RE5 artbook?!?!)

Also anyone catch Chris's bicep under UE3?? dam and people say he looks like he's on steroids in the retail version, under the UE3 his biceps take up like half the screen (joking) :)

KionicWarlord2223504d ago

your comparing mass effect as the power of the engine? the loading textures stop if you want to install them to your drive.

Halochampian3504d ago

I guess you havent played the game or demo to see that it's actually very bright game.

Just trying to stir stuff up?

goflyakite3504d ago

I've played the demo, I tried to edit my post to say brown. Either way, the demo and these pictures are very colorless. And I'm just stating that I don't understand why nobody is saying anything about it, while it was a huge problem with KZ2. (which btw is very colorful in some levels)

(have not played the full game)

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Temp893505d ago

I apologise in advance for the resolution.

likedamaster3505d ago

Yeah, those pictures were horrible you can't see them! Those aren't good screenshots at all. Were they taken from a cellphone?

s8anicslayer3505d ago

Thank god they scraped that UE3 build, the game looks alot better with the MT Framework engine!

farhsa20083505d ago

much prefer the current one anyway

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