No DLC For Resistance: Retribution

Enjoying your new copy of Resistance: Retribution, PSP owners? Good, because what you see is what you get - Bend Studios doesn't intend to release any downloadable content for the game.

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cyguration3499d ago

I guess now we'll just have to stick with whatever comes in the package.

EvilCackle3499d ago

A company releasing a complete game is a novel concept, yep.

morganfell3499d ago

You get a lot. What they offer in this game so far is more than other games offer WITH their DLC.

I have the A/V cable hooked to my PSP and have it Infected via USB cable hooked to my PS3 and Resistance 2. The ability to sit back on the couch, play Resistance Retribution on the big screen with the Dual Shock 3 controller beats any DLC to date.

Infected adds new weapons and regenerating health. Using the DS3 increases difficulty and removes the auto aim (which can be manually turned off when not cabled to the PS3). It is a fantastic experience, great story line, and a return of the same great narration from the first game. And the narrator is actually a character that appears n the game.

Nihilism3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

i hope you were being sarcastic...i do think it'a a good thing, LOOK a new game...for $49, but why get that when you can get that, plus a shi+y map pack for the broken multiplayer for only $10 more!!, as far as pc gaming is concerned, either release an expansion pack at full price, or release dlc for free, fu<k these tiny pointless updates....when i paid $15 for sins of a solar empire entrenchement...i didn't realise the starbases were the ONLY thing new in the update

SRuN43499d ago

Guess that's what happens when you're probably making Syphon Filter 5.

ChampIDC3499d ago

Why is every game expected to have DLC these days? It's pitiful. It shouldn't be news that a game isn't going to have any.

EvilCackle3499d ago

Sorry, meant to submit a "top 10 video game asses" article. Finger slipped.

The Matrix3499d ago

DLC was a great idea but just like communism, good ideas that aren't carried out the right way can be blightful instead of beneficial.

DLC has become a way for developers to make half a game with the excuse/promise that they'll finish and send it to you later...for a fee of course.

EvilCackle3498d ago

The Lost and Damned was one of the few pieces of downloadable content worth downloading. It felt like an expansion pack you'd buy for an old PC game.

3sq3498d ago

No, Resistance Retribution does not need any DLC to unlock already on disc content.:P

Tony P3498d ago

I think it's a vote of confidence to be disappointed in their DLC drought. Perhaps it comes with the implication that they won't screw us like some others *coughhadoukencough*

Either way, plenty of titles haven't yet hopped on the DLC train and the games haven't suffered for it.

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