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Supernatural243505d ago

You should kill him off,
then let the company think about stories to create,
make Sonic make a surprise appearance in another game of another popular franchise (if there is) from that same company or related to,
and resume the franchise.
But no appearance for 5-10 years.

TriforceLightning3505d ago

bring back the old school gameplay.get rid of the gimmicks.Make it 2D and go back to the classic formula.No more humans and awful rock music.Rings and chaos emeralds, that's all I want.

gumgum993505d ago

Another day. Another "Sonic is Doomed" article.

must be a slow news day

ChickeyCantor3505d ago

I dont mind a 3D game, they just havn't really found a way to make interesting.

If you think about it Sonic wasn't always about speed. 2D games involved more platforming than any of the 3D games.

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The story is too old to be commented.