IGN: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Interrogation

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves can't get here soon enough. Sure, the PlayStation 3 has a pretty good year ahead of itself with Infamous, Fat Princess, and a whole lot more, but everyone wants to know what's happening with Nathan Drake. Sadly, there's still a lot of time between people and the fall release date.

It was with that in mind that IGN tracked down Richard Lemarchand, Naughty Dog co-lead designer on Uncharted 2, and put a few more burning questions into his ear.

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Nineball21123597d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games. I really think it's going to be phenomenal.

Lifendz3597d ago

So many games on PS3 yet people say the system has no games? Amazing.

Freak of Nature3597d ago

I think what makes this game phenomenal will be the additions.Great game is ready to move onto the next tier,which is "fantastic"...

Stealth to me is a major addition,I love the extra option in gameplay choice.

I love the added animations and technology that allow Drake to climb and explore the environment in a much more free-form and organic manner.also the new seamless experience of "traversal combat," flowing freely in and out of combat as you travel through the world has me real excited...

I love the new gameplay element of finding yourself in the middle of a firefight while running, jumping and climbing around the environment.

I am also happy to hear they are going deeper into "intriguing problem-solving".Looks like deeper puzzle element's ahead.

Did I metion stealth,oh yes I did,cannot wait for this gem...

cmrbe3597d ago

The stealth won't be like MGS which i can understand as Uncharted is a more fast paced action game.

The stealth part i read is contextual. When you are near an enemy and not spotted yet you can preform stealth action on them. Either way you can just go in guns blazing or man on man hand combat as in Uncharted 1.

So people that fear MGS stealth need not to fear.

Hububla3597d ago

"When he's out in the snow he'll accumulate a layer of snowflakes on his clothes and in his hair, which will slowly thaw when he gets back inside under cover. Ice reflects light in a way that cleverly mimics the sub-surface scattering that goes on inside a chunk of frozen water, and gives it a look of incredible volume and density."

wow... thats about all i can say

SupaPlaya3597d ago


The color variation in this game is AMAZING.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago

if Uncharted 1 wasn't ubertastic enough,

they added free-climbing and stealth to Uncharted 2


ThanatosDMC3597d ago

Uncharted 2 has tons of reasons why i want it. Story, gameplay, humor, etc. Unlike that other infamous game... (see what i did there?)

I wonder if Nathan Drake will fight some type of freaks on this one like those mummy zombies on the first game. Maybe Yetis???

- Ghost of Sparta -3597d ago

The crazy thing about this screenshot is that it's in-game.

John Hendry Eden3597d ago

For a sequel of a B quality game, game got some competent visuals.

Masta_fro3597d ago

to me this is hands down the best looking game on any console to date.

Id say it looks tons better than crysis, and any other game ive seen recently, even better than killzone 2...

no-spin3597d ago

you can not fool anyone, either you did not play it, or you are jealous of PS3 owners.
Uncharted was AAA
Uncharted 2 will set a new bar

- Ghost of Sparta -3597d ago

Just take his bubbles. Don't even bother replying to him.

rockleex3596d ago

Look at 360 articles?

Oh wait... there are NONE! :P

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Antan3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Incredible screenshots! Texture detail is bar non top of the tree!


remanutd553597d ago

wow it does look very impressive indeed !!! cant wait to play it , i think U2 and GOW3 will shine this E3

Sevir043597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I think i need a warm Rag over my forhead after reading all that.. My word this game is gonna be amazing. the part about the Ice and snow gave me shivers. and the combat variations presented by live snow falls and force 10 snow storms. Just think traversing up a mountan sie and mercenaries spots you from across a near by canyon and shoots an RPG just aboves you and triggers an avalanche and now you must immediately act fast to survive the tremoring deluge of snow and rock. or, slipping while walking on ice and even crossing over frozen lakes inside snow caverns while gun shots threaten to break and shatter the solid ice you scamper across before it breaks and sends you under in subzero temperature waters... My goodness, The set pieces and unexpected scenario's from this game is going to bring an unpresidented and unparrelled scope of awe to this genre like no other...

my word i've never been this hyped about a game likethis since the first time i saw MGS2 and the infamous KZ2 trailer that lit the internet ablaze... the N.D.G.E 2.0 !!!! (Naughty Dog Game Engine 2.0!) the next best engine for game development. This is already on KZ2's level... by the end of this dev cycle it'll be like watching movie... I freakin cant wait.

Bring this ND bring it, i cant wait to gaze at this awesome game, advancement and innovation at every turn...

and it looks like there maybe some sort of multiplayer to it too with what he said at the end.

Look at this screen <--- the textures on his clothes... OMG!!!!! I Need a wet rag over my forhead again X_X!

madpuppy3597d ago

I love me an action/adventure game, looking forward to Uncharted 2 more than anything else coming out this year.

frayer3597d ago

Uncharted 2 will rule all

PeptoBismol3597d ago

nothing can top the greatness that is Killzone 2