Marvel Universe Goes Zombie

In 2007, Cryptic were working on a title called Marvel Universe, a MMO based on characters in the Marvel Universe - no pun intended. But, because of many reasons the game got canceled, and now it seems that the title has turn zombie on us and has returned.

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Rockox3502d ago

This article has nothing to do with zombies. Phooey.

kerwin20053502d ago

It says it gone zombie, as in it has returned, not that there's zombies in it.

Rockox3502d ago

I thought this was maybe news that they were making a game based on the Marvel Zombies comic. Too bad.

Raoh3501d ago

thats what i thought too. or that at least there would be a marvel zombies plot line. one great thing about mmorpgs is you can include an entire side story that wont detract from the main plot line and it wont interfere in any way. also usually an optional story to take.

very clever title to get the marvel zombie fans to click on it. now i'm wanting to go back and read the series again.

GCO Gamer3501d ago

Marvel Universe", ..It may be coming back?, Oo.. I hope so, but, wish Cryptic would of done it rather then Champions Online, ..Played that, its total crap.

Raoh3501d ago

the problem with cryptic (and champions online) is that it is room/instance based

small scale

ffxi, everquest, WoW, dc universe etc is actually a real mmorpg