Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 sales down on Ebay

Sales this week for next-generation consoles experienced a decrease at auction website Ebay.

Nintendo Co.'s Wii fell two percent from previous records, Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 fell seven percent, and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 dropped 29 percent.

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Covenant5175d ago

They're far more available now than a few months ago, although the Wii has stayed in short supply. The PS3 market is down primarily because the surge of demand--and excessive price gouging--after the launch has also died due to greater supply. The only systems that should sell now are the ones with good premiums; i.e. extra controllers, games, et al.

MySwordIsHeavenly5175d ago

We need more people gaming! It's not about system vs. system for me anymore. I'm sorry for that by the way. I'm devoted to preserving gaming as an art and form of KICK ARSE EXPRESSIONISM. No, I'm not a tree fact...i'm gonna go shoot a tree right now!

But we really need to put down our 10 point power swords and lay off the manna.

I WILL get flamed for this, but...GAMERS UNITE!!!

eclipsegryph5175d ago

Cocaine's a hell of a drug, man. You've gotta quit that stuff.

addictedtogames5175d ago

Didnt read, all I can say is NO F*cking Sh*t

HokieFan5175d ago

I thought that the interesting part of the article was the average sales price. Who would have thought that 5 months after launch the PS3 would be selling for retail price, while the Wii is still fetching a $100 premium? I certainly thought it would be the other way around.

calderra5175d ago

PS3 has been selling at or below cost since just after Christmas, really. 360 maintained inflated eBay prices until... er, March, oddly enough. Even into the opening of April in some cases. Wii too looks like it'll finally get down to selling price around April's opening, just like 360. It's nearly eerie in similarity. Only Wii's sold several times more units in this period.

And yes, it's a no-brainer that sales slow down after Christmas, and even moreso after the Jan-Feb season when post-Christmas dealmaking abounds.

Double-Edged5175d ago

I only use e-bay to buy faceplates.
and cheap asseccories for my 360.

man... so many skins and plates.

But yeah.. Wii should go back to the shelves..
I'm buying one for my GF