Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review from That Aussie Game Site

"If you try to impress girls in bars by speaking elvish (it doesn't work) then chances are you've all ready bought, or decided against getting, this game and passed your own judgement on it. If you enjoyed the films or have kids or pensioners living with you who love the films then it's definitely worth a rental. But if you were hoping for an exciting and involving Lord of the Rings game that captured the magic of the films and the depth of the books you should maybe try Lord of the Rings Online. How the notoriously difficult Tolkien estate approved this game I'll never know, I can only imagine it involved a lot of money changing hands. Hopefully the next studio to snap up the rights to the Lord of the Rings universe, which as the next two films are fast approaching should be soon, will have a long term plan to create some dedicated and respectful titles rather than treating the franchise like a money cow to be roughly milked to death."

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