TGS - Blue Dragon Plus Review

When Blue Dragon first came out on the Xbox 360 the main character, Shu, and his gang of diverse friends traveled in their cubed-shaped world to stop the evil Nene from taking over the world. After defeating him, everybody thought he was finally dead. Now a year after those events, Shu and his friends, which include Zola and King Jibral, find out that Nene is reborn. They also find out that cube world is infested with ticking bombs that will blow up unless stopped. You then control different groups of characters trying to find as many bombs as possible. It is an interesting story where, after you figure out what is going on (for those who never played the 360 version), you will have no problem getting emotionally close to the colorful characters.

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krazy14kraz3598d ago

Sweet review. The game is awesome.