Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC in-depth info

New in-depth info on the upcoming Versus mode has been extracted from the strategy guide. It covers everything from points, tactics and even the question everyone's been asking: with no "run & gun" what's to stop you from just standing still and firing your weapons at each other until one of you dies?

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Face Palm3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

RE5 is pretty fun co-op I admit, but charging for competitive multiplayer? GTFO! Sure it's only $5 but what's next? $5 for a new objective mode? $5 for a new type of TDM? And on top of that $10 for a map pack? I wouldn't be surprised to see Capcom milking it's customer for everything at his point.

I beat RE5's campaign mode in 2 days and I found a lot of the hidden stuff already. I'm glad I rented because I'm pretty much done with it already and there's no competitive multiplayer to keep me playing it. Capcom acts like the disc includes 500 hours of gameplay that will keep you busy for years at such a great value for $60 when in reality games like Halo 3, Killzone 2, CoD4/WaW are games with a great value for $60.

ThanatosDMC3592d ago

It's a rip off... i bet it's in the disk but we have to download it to unlock the mode. THIS IS BS!

peeps3591d ago

the annoying thing is, this content looks like it'll be fun, but why the hell couldn't it be in the full game?? it really wouldn't surprise me if they could have included it in the game, but held back just to release as dlc.

criticalkare3591d ago

I just don't like the idea of competitive multiplayer in RE5 in general I mean online coop and online mercenaries is all they need... is this even gonna be fun at all?