PSFocus Interview: Killzone 2 - Multiplayer (Eric Boltjes)

The Dutch website has done an interview with Eric Boltjes of Guerrilla Games. He is responsible for the multiplayer in this game. In the interview he gives us some interesting information about the future of the Killzone 2 multiplayer.

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killzone2ownsallfps3501d ago

" But until now we have more than half million unique online players in the Killzone 2 multiplayer and that is more than I had expected. "


QuackPot3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

But Warhawk is one of the best MP online out there. GG should have learnt a few tricks from this great game....and Halo - not just R2 and CoD4.

KZ2 is quickly becoming stale. GG made a major error with the Spawn Flares. They need to be removed because games are easily won by strategic placing of the flares.

KZ2 should just have spawn zones or spawn vehicles as in Warhawk.

Also, the maps are small compared to Warhawk.

And KZ2 really needs vehicles.

Otherwise, it's going to go stale very quickly - unlike Warhawk.

Also, the bot AI needs to be improved to use spawn flares/turrents/C4 as cunningly as humans use them. Sheez if Warhawk had bots then it would simply be one of the greatest games made.

Bring on the DLC and updates...and Warhawk 2.

And fix those frickn slow controls. They are absolute cr*p.