Gamershub: Saints Row Multiplayer Achievement Guide

This guide is for the multiplayer achievements only in Saints Row. You will need other resources for the single-player achievements.

Before you start....
Before you play a single MP game, figure out your plan for the Kingpin achievement. Kingpin is based on 'Tru-Skill,' and if you start losing matches you may find it extremely time-consuming or even impossible to rank up. You may also need a significant number of people and boost accounts to help out. Kingpin requires 5 accounts to launch a game; most other achievements can be done with as few as 4. Specific strategies and their requirements are listed under the individual achievements.

Plan on sinking a lot of time into the MP for this game. It took over 50 hours to get all of the MP achievements.

Be sure you understand match-making for this game. Thankfully the process should be much easier with XBox Live parties.

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