Bioware: Mass Effect 2 Will Surpass Original

Kotaku writes: "In the second of the trilogy Saren's evil army of Geth soldiers has just been defeated, and humans, who are still struggling to make their mark on the galactic stage, are now faced with "an even greater peril."

"We're going to surpass the extraordinary gaming experience we brought our fans in Mass Effect by delivering intensified combat and expanded weapon options as well as increased depth of planet exploration, all while delivering a powerful, emotionally engaging story," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, General Manager and CEO, BioWare and General Manager and Vice President, EA. "Mass Effect 2 is shaping up to be an unforgettable RPG-shooter experience, taking players on a non-stop roller-coaster ride filled with stunning plot twists and no-holds-barred action."

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Lord Xire3592d ago

Real simple don't use the UE3. ^^^^

It is 2009 it should be more than easy to create a graphical powerhouse with intense battles on the 360 with no framerate drops.

Resident Evil 5 is a KEY example.

EA has lots of engines at there disposal.

Just think of Mass Effect with Dead Space Graphics = WIN.

RememberThe3573592d ago

The Unreal Engine is played out. EA does have some great engines to work with, and I'd rather play Mass Effect with out the pop in.

joydestroy3592d ago

" Komrade Kayce: Hero of Soviet Kotaku
11:06 AM

Did anyone really expect Bioware to come out and say

"Mass Effect 2: Worse Than Original"


"Mass Effect 2: Equally as Good, But Certainly Not Better"


"Mass Effect 2: We're Not Adding Anything"


"Mass Effect 2: We Know You'll Buy It Even if Its a Fifteen Minute Tech Demo of Cloud from FFVII Having Sex With a Chocobo, You Suckers""



Judging from the video we have seen I think its still the Unreal Engine 3.

rroded3586d ago

for saying it was glitchy on 360
damn fanboi mods

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

So sad that Mass Effect 2 will be rendered in sub-HD resolutions due to constraints from the pitiful 360 hardware.Even though I will torrent the PC version just like Mass Effect 1,the second chapter will have to be downgraded even with the PC version available.I expect more framerate hiccups,jaggies and bugs like all other 360 "exclusive" games

gamersden3592d ago

EA could and would announce it since it has to make money inorder to survive

and no one buys PC games except WOW and a few MMOs

it will have to come to PS3

although it will look outdated since after KZ2's release most multiplat games will be killzowned if they dont match the graphical fidelity of kz2

TheMART3592d ago

@ gamersden aka NASIM

Well if even not EA invests in the black hole aka PS3 for a game anymore... The console is doomed for sure!

gamersden3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

this guy owns this website which is even worse than SDF

this guy is a shameless 42 year old Xbot
x360 doesnt sell anywhere in any part of the world except US. even UK sales are flopping

X360 is finished . only a FART like you would say otherwise

It sold more than x360 at teh same timeframe in history and has advantage of over a million in europe

ps3 beats x360 in worldwide sales even at 2x the price. poor x360.
end is near. all multiplat games bomb on x360

so4 flopped too in Japan and ww along with race pro/halo wars and ninja blade

Sonyfanclubpresident3592d ago

You are so damn witty gamersden err Nasim.
Please stop..........I feel embarrassed for you.

Droid Smasha3592d ago

needs more tinfoil for his hat

NewZealander3592d ago

think again...

best lighting and open world environment EVER!

just watch the bit with the volumetric lighting....thats gotta sting!

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

yeah it will surpass the original in how big of a FLOP it was!

TheMART3592d ago

Ofcourse jalouse PS3tard

It got a 9.1 out of 10 average (Metacritic)

Cry on with the Delaystation 3 and allmost no RPG's to play!

gamersden3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

ignore FART
he owns the website Xbxokings worse than SDF


he is a 42 year old gamer lol
EA has to announce a PS3 version to survive. EA didnt deny one
all multiplat games sell more on PS3 and EA makes most money from PS3 sw sales just like most other companies

questions of jealousy dont arise cuz the game will outdated like fear 2 vs KZ2 and is on PC for free (free torrent download)

ofcourse as i said expect a ps3 announcement at gdc

XLiveGamer3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Lol well gamersden you just make me Bookmark

he is a 42 year old gamer you say? So whazzup with that? That prove that he is a real old school gamer thanks to people like him who spend money on video games since his youth you can play videogames you dumb retard! Show respect! I bet you are just a 14-17 years old and your mom bought you your console.

By the way guys that trailer of Mass Effect its ingame.
----------------------------- ------

@ the retard of gamersden down there

"XBK has a thread for ps3 bashing. how immature of a 42 year old man?"

So that mean that you are immature also right?

gamersden3592d ago

It is not that he is 42 years old.

his activities are like so weird
as an old man he should be more attentive while posting something

XBK has a thread for ps3 bashing. how immature of a 42 year old man?

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Slinger4203592d ago

I don't think it will be anything more than an expansion pack to the first game. Same graphics(maybe slightly improved) and gameplay. I think they will eliminate the in game load times and clean up the framerate but I wouldn't expect anything revolutionary, just more of the same. The game is designed to be a trilogy like Gears of War and just like Epic, Bioware will stick to the same formula. I'm sure it will be good, just not as groundbreaking as the first. It will be interesting to see if it goes exclusively to the 360 and PC.

joydestroy3592d ago

you are probably right, but i hope you're not. either way, i'll probably still buy it.

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