GamerDad Says: Let Them Eat M-Mature

GamerDad writes: "Yes, it's true. A healthy sapling tree bends when the wind hits it while the mighty oak defies said wind. As GamerDad, I've always constantly try to bend. When people ask me advice the first thing I do is try and figure out what they WANT to hear. If they clearly want to hear bad things, I'll tell them a few bad things and then a few really good things. If a parent is clearly a geek and is maybe overdoing it, I'll advise they throttle back a bit and tell them a few of the bad things about overdoing it with video games. I definitely do not believe violent video games make a person violent. I believe they can purge anger from a person, but I also believe they can adversely affect a disturbed child. In fact, I think they're an opportunity to help diagnose said child. Anyway, my point is that I'm going to start going off the reservation again and I'm going to start recommending some M games to parents - under certain circumstances. GamerDad has NEVER been about the rating. It's always been about the WHY. Here's what I mean."

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