Co-Optimus: Resident Evil 5 Review

By the time you make it to the end of the game with your co-op partner, you'll both be masters at communication and zombie survival strategy. Resident Evil 5's story is completely engrossing, and the gorgeous cut scenes moved things along at a hollywood-esque pace. Cooperative gameplay was the best thing that could have happened to the series. It has moved the series into the next generation of games, and laid the groundwork for further and greater cooperative experience.

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FantasyStar3503d ago

I do agree that RE4-5 really stepped away from the Survival Horror that its predecessors thrive on and the fans, lust over. However, if there's a game to be scared of, it's a game that doesn't use guns. I like what RE5 did and would gladly play it over and over again as the years pass by, dusting it off once a while to play again. RE5 is truly a game that's worth it's own weight in content, value, and replayability. I wish more games would follow the steps of co-op: it's the best thing to come to video gaming since split-screen, LAN, and Online. (with Split-screen being King)