Killzone 2: Marketing with 'Bullet' Precision

Killzone the franchise has been somewhat star-crossed since the beginning. Hyped up by the press as a "Halo killer," the original Killzone fell a bit short of initial expectations. Some ambitious design was marred by bugs and glitches in the gameplay, which dragged down review scores into the decidedly "average" range.

After a well received PSP spinoff, Killzone 2 has finally hit store shelves. The game has had to shoulder enormous expectations from its first unveiling, with many questioning the veracity of the first teaser trailer shown of the game. It was up to Sony to prove the doubters wrong and win converts with the promotional campaign before and after the game's launch.

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Cwalat3596d ago

Only Killzone 2 ads i've seen here in Sweden are, those who are sponsored through "Two and Half men".

Other than that, i've seen nada.. Nothing.

Sales figures will soon tell if the advertising for Killzone 2 had any effect.

Sevir043595d ago

either way, i expect first day sales to be about 300-450k with first week to be around 700k. we'll see though. aprils NPD will tell all.

DarkSniper3595d ago

Scott Steinberg could be no momre correct. PLAYSTATION®3 holds host to all of the top-notch AAA exclusives this year. Dark Sniper has already pre-ordered each and every PLAYSTATION®3 exclusive that is booked from now until 2011.

What is even more impressive is the evenflow of variety that Sony's breathtaking terminal provides. Dishing out AAA titles in all genres, packaging innovation and unique gameplay in each software gives you the consumer the best bang for your buck.

Not only is 2009 the year of the PLAYSTATION®3, but it is the official date of the demise of Microsoft's green machine that couldn't. Dark Sniper is jumping for joy with orgasmic feelings of this thought coming to reality.