Guitar Hero 2 - Features and 12 Songs on Marketplace

A Guitar Hero 2 story going through the new GH2 features, and the news that 12 songs will be available on Marketplace on launch day.

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Caxtus7504635d ago

is it me? or is the lineup of songs not all that great. Sure people will know some but cmon? where are all the anthems? like Final Countdown, some stuff by Muse and classics by santana etc??

this is always where Singstar wins imo. A bad tracklist for mainstream audience.

Droidbro4635d ago

why the hell dont we get all the songs included in the game? if they have 12 songs ready to launch with the game, why not include it in the friggin' game? i already have to pay extra for the controller. that really pisses me off. and to number 1, don't act like your opinion is the same as everyone else's.

ER1X4635d ago

It's all about the Benjamins baby...