Five songs that owe Guitar Hero a massive debt

These tracks wouldn’t be half as big if it wasn’t for Activision’s button-shredding megafranchise.

btmgov3103d ago

The writer of this article is obviously musically incompetent. Free Bird, nor Lynyrd Skynyrd, owes debt to anyone concerning their music and especially concerning Free Bird. It is one of the greatest and most highly ranked songs in the history of rock music, not to mention it contains one of the top ten guitar solos in rock history. I realize that in order to be considered great in the music industry these days all you have to do is copy something that someone else did years ago, but you should do a little research before making totally ridiculous and inaccurate statements.


The Top-Selling Third-Party Console Games of All Time - IGN

The top-selling third-party games of all time across consoles include GTA V, Call of Duty, and Guitar Hero.

TheOptimist1746d ago

The list just shows how pedestrian the taste of the general audience is.

TK-661745d ago

Really depressing list across all platforms.

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TheHan2309d ago

Bought Rock Band 4 and play it a couple times a week