A Case for Rhythm Games; Why We Need Guitar Hero

COGconnected - It seems like the era of rhythm game dominance has come and gone but we argue that there's still room for them if they make a few key changes.

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1388d ago
Derceto1388d ago

Guitar Hero? Sure. Activision greed and bulls**t? No thanks.

subtenko1388d ago

No we DONT need guitar hero or rockband. These games have had 7+titles each console cycle and Im tired of these being the mainstream and practically only focused on musical game.

Amplitude was brought back for PS4 yet with the tech and magic of DLC we didnt get it because not only gamers but devs have become out of touch.

Thumper impressed many and is at least a step in the right direction. I rather have more games like thumper. So screw all this rockband and Guitar hero BS! Take your guitars and peripherals and break them in half!

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MeteorPanda1387d ago

I preferred the patapon games but yeah. We need rhythm games to come back this gen

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