Gears of War

As everyone knows Gears of War is the most highly anticipated title for the Xbox 360 this year. With a release date slated around the holidays the hype has grown even more since its thirty second trailer was released a year ago, we take a look at what to expect.

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R Swipe6504d ago

I hope this game plays as good as it looks. Should be another killer fps to add to the 360's ranks

Droidbro6504d ago

Well, not really because that would mean I'm going to waste my money!

JPomper6504d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. I think the stop-n-pop style of gameplay is going to make for a very unique multiplayer experience.

In other news, this article was horribly written. "Waste deep"? Heh.

Droidbro6504d ago

And the visuals are amazing!!1

THAMMER16504d ago

I believe this game will be the game of the year for the 360. There may even be some serous awards given to this game after its release. This will sell consoles for the holiday season for sure. And as a 3rd person shooter it will draw non-fps fan in too. I am also looking forward to Mass Effect.

Droidbro6504d ago (Edited 6504d ago )

As long as it pwns everthing and I pwn it.

kingboy6504d ago

i might borrow a 360 just to rock this one

THAMMER16504d ago

You are funny. You know what I know you will own a 360 before 2007 is over. You really like it you are just on the defense for PS3 and PS2. But you have no real reason to be that way. It is just immature.

kingboy6504d ago

actually i might own a 360 this time around after i`m done buying my ps3

Droidbro6504d ago

why dont you just buy one now you idiot?

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Rumored Gears of War Collection is at the top of my 2024 Xbox wishlist

As the long-rumored Gears of War Collection looks like it may finally materialize on Xbox, the timing could not be better as Gears 6 and movie news swirls.

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1Victor91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

(Insert “It should be multi platform if Microsoft investors wants more money” JK here)
All jokes aside congratulations to all the gears fans it will be a blast I remember having fun on the first one on my 360 elite till got RROD and quit Xbox all together but that’s a story for another day.
Congratulations 🎊 🍾 🎉 🎈 🎉 🙏